Why Thready Store?

Threadly with a vision for anyone with a heat press can Start their Clothing Brand without the need to invest high on Printers, Inks & costly machinaries. With the Ready to Print No Cut Custom DTF Heat Transfers, Sublimation & Embroidery Designs from Threadly you can start your Clothing or Custom Gifts store by printing on any Fabric and even in most items like T shirt, Mug, Football, Caps etc.. The result will be most Vibrant and Real.

What Makes Threadly DTF PET Film So Unique?

At Threadly we combine the traditional and digital printing to create Ready to Print, No Cut Heat Transfers which is ready to print. And We are the first Store in India to Sell Ready to Print Heat Transfers Online with a Minimum Order Value of Rs. 245/-(INR)at affordable Price

Do I need a Vinyl Cutter or Plotter with Threadly DTF Transfers?

No need of Vinyl Cutter or Plotter to separate the artwork. Just Order from Us and Print  It. But if you are personally interested in using both our Transfers & Vinyl Prints it’s up to You.

On what kind of Fabrics Threadly’s DTF Heat Transfers can be Printed?

Your DTF Printed Heat Transfers ordered from Threadly can be printed on almost any fabric like cotton, polyester, poly-mix etc.

How Fast Can you can Ship?

In Most Case every order can be shipped within 24-72 hrs Max, but it depends on the quantity of the order placed.

What is the Shelf-life or Storage Time of the DTF Transfers ordered from Threadly?

The Printed Transfers ordered from us can be stored for almost 6 months with a little safe keeping in most cases. But it may slightly differ or reduce due to the weather Conditions in your region as well.

What are the File Types supported for placing orders with Threadly?

We suggest Exported PNG format which is 300-900 DPI and CMYK.

Can I get a Sample or do I have to place bulk order only?

At Threadly we are here to support budding hustlers, so there is no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), you can Place just a single Transfer print of the smallest size option available or a bulk order with a Order value of Just Rs. 245/- minimum. Place a sample order and decide look for Yourself on the Print Quality & Durability.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Things are in Progress to Ship to USA, UK & Canada to begin with. But we currently provide service all over India for now.

What kind of Heat Press Should I use to Print Threadly transfers?

Any Standard Commercial Heat Press will do the work, its upto you.

 slightlyFor how many Washes will the Threadly Transfer Print Sustain?

Prints done using Threadly Transfers sustain more than 50+ regular Washes, this may differ slightly by wash, Detergents or soaps used and Water.


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