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How to Start a T-Shirt Printing Business & POD Dropshipping frrom Home in India

Start a T-Shirt Printing & Dropshipping from Home in India

Heat Press Machine in IndiaThe scope and demand on apparel business in India is always trending, provided you have to be always updated on the latest trend.


To start a t-shirt business now a days is a very possible thing. POD Dropshipping would be the first option but will eat a huge chunk of your profit. If you’re planning for long run. would suggest DIY.

In DIY All you need is to start by investing in a heatpress and start your tshirt brand at home using custom dtf prints with a SHELF LIFE of 4–6 months and min quantity off plain T-shirts.

We at THREADLY provide custom dtf prints, pre-printed dtf designs (will be useful if you are not a designer) and bio washed plain tshirts at minimum quantity od 10 Tees. You can stock small quantities at home, and print the design only when u get an order rather than putting your hope on a vendor for quality service for your customers.

Your investment, costing and margin will never extend beyond your expectation. If you work on the above module.

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